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Services provided by the company

Logo Design

Design professional logos in Arabic and English calligraphy and expressive symbols

Brand design

Designing the commercial identity to include 25 complete files of papers and advertising gifts

web Design

Professional website design and programming to match all devices

Advertising design

Designing marketing ads for companies and individuals to help them market their business

Profile design

Design profiles for individuals and companies to summarize services to customers


E-marketing through advertisements and websites
Website design specifications

Site stability

We provide you with a lot of guarantees and benefits to help you stabilize and protect your site.

Website development

Work on your website to raise its level as a topic and form to show all the features of the site

archiving service

Work to increase your site's ranking on Google

Company emails

We offer you official emails in the name of the company that can be used via the web mail as well as through the Outlook program

Site adjective

A dynamic site that has a control panel (Cpanel) and others that can be modified and added at any time easily

Our support 24/7

We provide the best support service to our customers around the clock


Powerful and fast web hosting

nature of design

Responsive web design compatible with all devices and mobile-friendly

Giving advice

A comprehensive study of your activity and products with providing tips to improve your website in the search engines SEO.

design speed

A website will be designed in a week or less

Provide languages

Providing the site in one Arabic or English language or designing the site in two languages together at an additional cost

protection service

SSL Certificate to protect information and data encryption, secure the site

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Why Dyizer ?

Ahmed Alsadek Company is affiliated to Ahmed alsadk Design Company, which is owned by Mr. Ahmed alsadek. We have been working in the field of design from 2004 to this year. Dyizer was established in

You can contact us through the Egyptian number attached at the top of the site, or contact the UAE direct WhatsApp, or book a message that we receive via e-mail and we will respond to you within 24 hours, God willing.

Logo Design
in arabic font
Since we are professionals in the field of Arabic calligraphy, this became an impetus to produce professional examples of modern Arabic logos and draw them with paper and pen and then redraw them on the computer to give a color coordination between the idea and the activity.
Logo Design
in english font
It is possible to overlap with high professionalism between English fonts such as Arabic fonts, and it is also possible to mix and overlap English fonts with Arabic to give a new, distinctive and luxurious character, and this is what we seek in front of our customers
Logo Design
expressive symbols
Also the design with the symbol about the activity, whether it is a commercial company or an individual activity for people, the symbol is admired by many customers and every customer has his point of view and his imaginations, and we have to implement and innovate to excel
When we finish designing 4 or 5 ideas for logo mixes, we send 3D files to the work to see the possibility of making the logo prominent, engraved, gold or silver plated, and also a PDF file for viewing only

Logo Design

A professional company logo design, as it expresses and symbolizes the interface of the company and its commercial enterprise, and the importance of logo design is due to some people who learn about the site’s activity through the design of the corporate identity and services provided by that site.

We design professional logos by designing logos with expressive symbols - designing logos in modern Arabic calligraphy. We study the idea of ​​the project in cooperation with the idea of ​​the owner and project official and apply his idea. Then we design logos with different ideas and display the logo in the normal way and in a three-dimensional way to show the possibility of the logo: engraved, prominent and plated with gold And silver, so the total number of logo design will be 3 models, each idea is different from the other ideas. After presenting the ideas, we can modify the approved model in order for us to reach the stage of satisfaction and acceptance on the part of the client, and after approval of the approved logo, we will send the original files to the client.


Dyizer for identity design

After approving the logo and approving it and sending the approved logo files, we then design two models for the business card and letter head, and they are presented to the customer in the normal way and in a three-dimensional way, so that a model can be selected from them. It includes the following: Business Card design - Letterhead design - Invoice design - Receipt and exchange voucher design - Folder design - Roll up design - Office board design - Mag design - T-shirt design - Seal design - Company profile design - Double-sided brochure design - Flyer design - Car sticker design - Worker clothes - Office door sticker design -

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