Website design for an engineering design company in Egypt (DYIZER)

Website design for an engineering design company in Egypt (DYIZER)

Dyizer is one of the most recognizable professional custom logo design company having expertise in providing you the best corporate identity services through our easy online management system and speedy services along with the state of the art design platform through which you can view your logo designs easily and provide us feedback in real time.

Don’t take our word, please take a look at our logo design portfolio yourself. We believe it speaks for itself and will give you an idea on how we can apply our design expertise towards your specific needs. If you have any further questions, ask us! We are always ready to help you.

Here are a few logos which we have designed for based clients.


Website design

Dyizer Design is one of the best web design companies in Egypt and the Arab world. We have great experience in the field of designing websites for individuals, bodies and companies. We have the strongest hosting plans that work with high quality efficiency. We also offer the largest space among the companies as we have large servers that allow Because giving large spaces to sites.

The site of any company or institution is considered an interface for it on the Internet, and this requires designing the site with the latest and finest methods, as the success of the site is a logical introduction to the success of the institution. Customers can easily access all social media.


Dyizer Design Company (Logos | identities | Websites) based in Abu Dhabi UAE &  Hurghada Egypt to contact :

00201024453516 - 00971555724663


logo or shape designed for any company or organization or even any activity or event, and the logo or logo usually consists of the company’s name in addition to a graphic element or symbol with a distinctive phrase indicating the company’s activity and it is called (Slogan) We are at Dyizer We offer modern and professional logo design that suits your business.


Logo Design

The logo design is a professional company, as it expresses and symbolizes the interface of the company and its commercial enterprise.

We design professional logos by designing logos with expressive symbols - Logo Design in modern  & English calligraphy. We study the idea of ​​the project in cooperation with the idea of ​​the owner and project official and apply his idea. Then we design logos with different ideas and display the logo in the normal way and in a three-dimensional way to show the possibility of the logo: engraved, prominent and painted with gold And silver, so the total number of logo design will be 3 models, each idea is different from the other ideas. After presenting the ideas, we can modify the approved model in order for us to reach the stage of satisfaction and acceptance from the client side, and after approval of the approved logo, we will send the original files to the client.


 Business card and Stationery Design  |   Business Identity Design

After approving the logo and approving it and sending the approved logo files, we then design two models for the business card and letter head, and they are presented to the customer in the normal way and in a three-dimensional way, so that a model can be selected from them. It includes the following: Business Card design - Letterhead design - Invoice design - Receipt and exchange voucher design - Folder design - Roll up design - Office board design - Mag design - T-shirt design - Seal design - Company profile design - Double-sided brochure design - Flyer design - Car sticker design - workers clothes - office door sticker design.

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